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The past year or so has been pretty hectic with all the surgeries and long trips out of town!  Now that’s all (hopefully) behind me, and I can focus on getting my (massive amount of) artwork in order.  Trying to keep my mind occupied on positive things, and not being able to do much else besides rest, I managed to create A LOT of paintings and new media (digital) art.

Needless to say, lately I’ve been busy trying to get my artwork organized online so I can offer art prints, and get set up to sell some original stuff.  And in the midst of all the chaos, I have managed to sell a few art prints around the globe:  In England, Australia and the U.S. So I’m so excited and grateful for that!

I’ve decided to give eBay a try for some of my original artwork.  For now, I am only going to be shipping within the United States, and will be offering free shipping on these items.  I’ve chosen a few local non-profit organizations to donate a portion of the proceeds to, as a way of giving back to a few causes about which I am very passionate.  The items and causes are listed below:

Current Auctions on eBay!



The Tree © 1998 (place a bid)


If you’re interested, let me know.  And if not, please take a moment to share my work with someone you think might be interested in having a look.  I appreciate all the sharing I can get!  :)

Thank you all for your continued support!


If you do not live within the United States and you are interested in the acquisition of one of these pieces, contact me and we can make arrangements directly for payment through PayPal to include cost of international shipping.



B & B for Critters



After almost a year at Le Chateau Free Bed and Breakfast for Transient Critters, the pigcat finally let us pet him!

He has been eating quite well for a while now, so I told him if he was going to continue hanging around at the buffet I arrange every morning for the crows . . .

DiLLyPoP:  Crows ❤️ cat food

He’s going to have to let me pet him.  He seemed purrfectly happy to oblige.

So far he’s doing well sharing the back porch with the crow convention that’s in town and, now that he’s turned friendly, he may just stick around for a while.   Who knows . . . Before too long we may be taking #catselfies!

He’s very chatty so I think I shall name him Mister Meowski 😻💕

What do you think?

Expand Your Mind



We live in a world filled with rules.  We have rules on the street, rules at work, and we grow up with rules at home.  And, although most rules are in place for a (good) reason, these rules can limit our way of thinking.  If we always see how things are supposed to be, we can overlook the potential of how things could be.

“Circular” (2016) illustrates the expansion of ideas from the creative mind. If we reach further, beyond the origination of a single thought, we can see the development of our original idea into a creative circle that reaches beyond ourselves into our world as an immeasurable radius with vibrant color.

Develop your mind to think “outside the box”.  Expand your thoughts and reach out into the unknown.

Color outside the lines a little . . . You might just create something beautiful!

Luminescence from the Garden


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Luminesence © 2016


I wait all season for the Oriental Lilies to bloom . . . From the moment their tender leaves break …

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#DiLLyPoP 05/31/16

Ain’t in the woods 5 minutes
and a snake crawled across my
bare-toe-showin’ self!

Slung my shoe about 10 feet!

Busy Bee


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Busy Bee

“Busy Bee” © 2016

Caught in flight, a busy bumblebee buzzes violas for sweet nectar in the summer sun.

Adventures in Hydroponics


Take a look at four weeks of growth . . . Our hydroponic fence garden is looking delicious!

And the lettuce . . .  After only two weeks it has nearly doubled in size, and it looks so healthy and green! 😍

In hydroponics, the water/nutrient solution requirements must be closely monitored.  Just as with traditional gardening, plants seek out necessary nutrients and thrive best when the nutrients are available and the pH of their environment is within a tolerable range.  We are able to grow cucumber, squash, strawberries and peppers with the same water/nutrient mix because they like the same stuff :D

The lettuce, however, requires a lower level of nutrients and too much in the water/nutrient solution makes for unhappy lettuce.  We use a different water reservoir for them.  We also stagger the growth stages by starting new plants every few weeks so we have a constant harvest.



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Firefly (2016)

“Firefly” © 2016

Lost Firefly

Childhood memories
Where fire flies
Dance in the trees
Neath summer skies.

Now that we’re grown
Where is their light?
Progress is naught
With nature in blight.

© 2013.  All Rights Reserved.

Firefly Coffee Mug
Firefly Coffee Mug Gifts and Art by DillyPop


#Quotes 5/19/16


You ask me why I spend my life writing? Do I find entertainment? Is it worthwhile? Above all, does it pay? If not, then, is there a reason?… I write only because there is a voice within me. That will not be still.
~Sylvia Plath

Rhododendron Festival


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I have managed to arrange for one of my photographs to be placed in a local business and I am thrilled!

buzzy beeOur friends at Downtown Farming have been an excellent source for supplies in our hydroponic urban farming adventure.  They are quite knowledgeable and always willing to give free lessons and advice to help us along the way.  So far this year, we’ve managed to expand our garden from just a few tomato and strawberries to include lettuce, squash, cucumbers and peppers grown hydroponically.  I’ll let you know later on how that’s going . . .

The owners also support local business and local artists.  So on a whim, I asked if they would be willing to hang one of my photos in their shop in hopes that I might get some exposure for my photography.  She said yes!  So I took them a framed copy of “Rhododendron Festival”.

I’m so grateful for having young, enthusiastic business owners like them in our area.  They are the ones who are supporting the bee project locally.  (Visit “What’s the Buzz?” to read all about it!)  It is because of young business owners like them that downtown Johnson City is buzzing once again.

(DiLLyPoP:  The Rhododendron Festival at Roan Mountain State Park is kind of a big deal around here too!  The place is usually packed and it is quite difficult to get in to see these lovely beauties!  But if you  happen to be in the area, this year’s festival is June 18th-19th.)


Photography: “Rhododendron Festival” © 2006



I don’t know WHAT is up with my cat today.  She’s purrfectly annoying and mischievous!

It started this morning when she knocked the electric toothbrushes and the ceramic toothbrush holder into the sink.  I was awakened by the commotion.  As I lay in bed, I kept hearing crashes coming from throughout the house . . . Seriously!  What a catbrat!

My husband and I are planning another hydroponic garden project so we’ve got a few “parts” lying around the house.  Miss Priss knocked the 12-inch net pots off the counter, and picked up a bag of pipe fittings that were hanging on the back of the chair and threw them in the floor.  Not sure how she accomplished THAT!

I went outside to check on the fence garden, and made it back inside just in time to save my cell phone from certain death!  There she was, paw-pushing it inch by inch.  She’d made it just to the edge of the table and one more push would have been doom!  She’s such a punk!

I think it’s all about the treats.  Or she just really likes to push stuff around!

She thinks she’s the boss of me ; )

A Community Comes Together


Last week, I shared the story of a little girl in my area.  I am happy to say that she has been found alive, and that the perpetrator has been arrested.

Candlelight vigils, prayer groups, and daily organized search teams came together to assist the authorities in a group capacity.  Finally, she was found alive by two heroes who went out searching as part of the community-wide effort.   Even across the nation, people were searching and praying for this little girl.  Folks all over expressed a deep burden to watch and pray for her.

One of the men has shared his belief that it was Divine intervention that led them to her location.  He said he felt an overwhelming burden to search, and felt that the prayers of so many were answered as he followed God’s guidance to return to a place that had previously been searched and look deeper.

There is no information as to her condition, other than the fact that she was taken to the hospital.  Due to the sensitivity of the case and the fact that she is a minor, I am certain that the community will not know exactly what happened.  No doubt, she has been through something horribly traumatic and she and her family deserve privacy and time to heal.

As for the perpetrator, he has been charged with especially aggravated kidnapping.  Other charges may or may not surface, depending upon what is discovered with further investigation.  I am certain that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as the authorities have stated.

I pray that this little one was not physically harmed.  The emotional trauma alone must be devastating.  I pray for full healing for Carlie, and that justice be served.

If you would like to read more about the story, reliable information can be found through the TBI blog on WordPress.

5-9-16 AMBER Alert Update: Carlie Trent

This little angel is from my area. For all of you out there who live in the U.S., and for all of you who are prayer warriors worldwide, I am sharing. Please take time to pray that this little girl comes home safely and unharmed. To my knowledge, there have been no concrete leads. She has been missing a week and believed to be in imminent danger. If you would like to read more, follow TBI blog, or watch updates on Twitter. #BringCarlieHome 💜

A Middle and East Tennessee AMBER Alert, issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on behalf of the Rogersville Police Department, remains in effect for 9-year-old Carlie Marie Trent. On Wednesday afternoon, May 4th,  her uncle by marriage, Gary Simpson, removed Carlie from school under false pretenses. He currently has no custodial rights to Carlie.

AMBER Alert - Carlie TrentSince issuing the original Endangered Child Alert Wednesday, and upgrading the alert to an AMBER Alert on Thursday, TBI Agents and Intelligence Analysts have worked to coordinate and verify more than 500 tips. At this time, however, there have been no credible sightings of Carlie Trent, Gary Simpson, or the van in which investigators believe the two may be traveling. Though their whereabouts are currently unknown, investigative efforts suggest they may be out of public view and in an isolated area, such as a campground or park.

Today, the TBI shifted several resources…

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Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is almost done. Many have celebrated and felt the blessings of the day.

But there are many children who went through this day having lost their mothers, many mothers who went through today having lost their children. There are fathers playing the role of mother, and mothers trying to fill a father’s shoes. There are step-mothers and mothers-in-law, grandmothers and great-grandmothers who have blessed the lives of children everywhere.  And there are women who want to be mothers but cannot.

While we have spent the day feeling blessed, we should not forget the ones who have struggled.  My heart goes out to mothers everywhere . . . To those who have been blessed and to those whose hearts have been broken.

After the Rain


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I’ve been trying to increase my online presence by sharing across multiple sites.

And, well, yesterday the blog post was just a bunch of hashtags and links to Tumblr.  So apparently the app I had to share from there to here doesn’t quite work like I’d hoped.  I apologize for littering up your inbox or blog reader with a completely useless post.  I have since deleted the post.  But, these are the images I was trying to share (from Instagram to Tumblr to WordPress, etc. etc.).  Sometimes technology baffles me, and with an unintentional upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 . . .  Well, let’s just say a little outside time was in order after two days of stress!  Now, on with what I was trying to share . . .

April showers bring May flowers . . . or something like that!

We had an awesome rainstorm yesterday.  But the newly fallen rain didn’t stop the creatures from carrying on about their business!  And, well, it didn’t stop me from getting out the camera and taking advantage of the beauty of it.  All the flowers are watered now, and looking lovely!

I just love the smell of a rainstorm, and the way the wet grass feels on my bare feet!